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Time Machine

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Here is an album designed specifically for driving your car and forgetting whatever shitty part of reality you are currently dealing with. Aptly named, it harkens back to a time when pandemics were solely Bill Gates' problem and Joe actually had hair that wasn't just growing out of his forearms. An absolute classic in my opinion, primarily because the first 8 tracks are so good that (by my estimation) Joe removed the engineers at that point and enlisted a gang of chimpanzees to twist knobs on the mixing board while he freebased dmt and carpet scraps off the headstock of his Ibanez, improvising wildly the whole time. Never have I experienced an album that devoted such meticulous craftsmanship to 8 songs, only to instantaneously descend into 'fuck it' territory with experimental noise jams and jazz-fusion-shitshow composition. This is fascinating stuff. Hop in your time machine, head to another plane of existence. If you don't return, we'll understand.

7:46am on Sunday 3rd May 2020

– Get Legit